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lovethehaters's Journal

Jessica is the name. I live my life my way. I live for today and look forward to tomarrow. I say "yo" to much. I smile randomly. I have made my mistakes but there what got me where I am today. I have amazing friends. Dakota, Shawnna, Alyssa, Alex, Kyra, so much more. I love music. Im never without my ipod. I listen to everything. I can always find a song to go with my mood. My fav color is purple. I love texting. I text all day long. I like writing. I don't like t.v. It makes me angry and bored. I love electronics. I don't have my life planned out. Im completly random. I have random bursts of energy. I have been known to randomly burst out in song in the middle of a conversation :) I love being me, even if I havent fully figured myself out. I love helping people out. Im dependable, friendly, fun, sometimes im shy, crazy, just me. I say "lol" all the time. Wanna know more? Hit me up. <3 Jessimaka