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January 29th, 2011 (01:11 pm)

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So lemmie explain what you cant see.

Dakota, I love you. Honestly. I havent been able to move on because you were perfect. I thought everthing was great! It just changed. I never really understood why. I cant move on because in my eyes, you are my Mr. Perfect. I get that im not your perfect though. & I really am trying to move on. I see your side & I agree. You should be able to move on, you should be able to live your life. Even if im not a part of it.
But asking me to hang out with you and Angel would be like me asking you to hang out with me n Thomas. Me going to Kent, to wait 2 hours for you to get out of school would suck. But than to watch you and her flirt n hold hands... that would tear me up. It would be worse than when I hung out before with you guys. Do you lelise what your asking me to do? I dont want to watch you move on. I kno you are moving on, but I cant watch. It makes me feel like nothing.

You cant expect me to act like a friend if you dont treat me like a friend though. It really does hurt alot that you didnt tell me. You call us friends but you refuse to talk to me about anything. I know I cant help but I just wanna feel like you want me as a friend. Right now I dont even feel like you want me around.

N I get that you wanna hang out. I do. But just remember, I sit here alone all day waiting for you and my mom to get home. When neither of you come home on time I feel forgoten. N i know thats not your fault, but when you complain about not hanging out alot remember that the only person I get to hang out with is You.

Literly, Thomas is even bored of me because I never get to hang out or anything. N Alex is leaving. I have no one. Im completly alone. All the time. I have nobody to talk to. Knobody who cares. Nothing.

So Im sorry, but your all I have.

I hope you understand




Posted by: Sweetfhawn (sweetfhawn)
Posted at: January 29th, 2011 10:29 pm (UTC)
Hey you

Hey, I wanna come over sometime. I could take a bus or something if that is cool. We need to hang out. It's long over do. Remember, just because I can't be there in person doesn't mean I wont always be there for you. <3 Text me more. My phone doesn't like to let me send texts much right now., So every now and again I'll try to get one through. Let me know sometimes. I am never busy. Don't have a job, or do much of anything.

Posted by: lovethehaters (lovethehaters)
Posted at: January 30th, 2011 01:32 am (UTC)
Re: Hey you

Hey! So my friend Amber is flying up to Marysville to stay the 12-21 so ill be up there, but maybe you can come stay with me like the week before i go up there n than we can drop u off. idk how you would get here n my moms asleep so no sure thing yet but yeah :)

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